Early glaciological and quaternary geology cooperation
at : Sep 08, 2021 14:29:04  (view:174)

Early glaciological and quaternary geology cooperation

Harry Zilliacus

University of Helsinki Faculty of Science, Helsinki 00920, Finland

Abstract:  The article depicts the author’s experiences of Glaciology and Quaternary Geology research between Finland and the People’s Republic of China. The focus is on a visit to a glaciological station in Tianshan in 1988. A glaciological station and an ice camp were established here in 1959 as a base for sustainable field work in north-western China. The climate is continental displaying warming-up and increased precipitation since the end of the 1980’s. The data collected here is of utmost importance when analysing the future development of the glaciers. Some associations to the historic Silk Roads are made having implications on the Belt and Road strategy launched by the Chinese. As to problems of sea and lake ice, Finland and the P. R. China have found issues of mutual interest resulting in continuing co-operation in the Arctic and in ice-covered areas of China. New forms of bilateral collaboration such as university education and training have evolved encompassing coming generations.

Keywords:  glaciers, geomorphology, Tianshan, climate change, belt and road