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New Category ‘Opinion Editorial’ of Advances in Polar Science Got Positive Comments
at : Apr 19, 2018 14:19:49  (view:1288)

In December 2017, the first article as Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed) in APS was published in Vol. 28, No.4: Optical remote sensing of snow fraction—status and future prospects by Igor APPEL, USA. You can download its full text: http://www.aps-polar.org/paper/2017/28/04/A180411000001

The second article of Op-Ed was  released in Vol. 29, No.1 in 2018: Polar science needs a foundation: where is the research into Polar infrastructure? by Adrian McCallum, Australia. You can download its full text: http://www.aps-polar.org/paper/2018/29/01/A180706000001

This new category is of great interest to the international polar community. In April 2018, Dr. Senior Honorary Research Fellow, Roger J. Braithwaite from School of Environment, Education and Development, the University of Manchester sent an email to Editorial Office and made comments on it: This is a most welcome initiative! There is now far too little discussion in the printed literature, and in conferences. I hope more journals will also do what you have started.

This new category was introduced by Advances in Polar Science (APS) in 2017. This can be a statement of the opinion of a named author or authors (not necessarily affiliated with the editorial board) with a maximum of 15oo words (a maximum length of 2 printed pages). It will provide a forum for comment on the status and/or deficiencies on any aspect of polar science, reflect on recent innovation or progress, promote internationally collaborative polar science projects, etc.