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New Measure and Plan for APS Development and Improvement
at : Aug 23, 2017 17:26:29  (view:1266)

The following changes to APS Editorial Procedures and Support were discussed and agreed to at the Editorial Board Meeting of 2017.

  • A new category of paper in APS is the Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed). This, with a maximum length of 2 pages, provides a forum to comment on the status and/or deficiencies of any aspect of polar science, to reflect on recent innovation or progress, and to promote internationally collaborative polar science projects.
  • The citation style and reference listing will be changed from the present superscript numbering in order of introduction in the text, to author name and date with references listed alphabetically.
  • Authors will be required to complete a checklist on manuscript submission, verifying originality of the work that it meets ethical and legal requirements, that there are no conflicts-of-interest, and that all co-authors have been informed and agree to the submission.
  • A suitable “polar science” photograph will be introduced onto the front cover of the Journal.The photo will be the same for all 4 issues of the one volume, but will change with each volume.Authors will be invited to submit suitable photographs, related to their paper.

Besides, two new editors is to be recruited in order to be better represented in countries which may be a source of future papers, and to have some expertise in microbiology on the Board.

  • Dr. Shiv Mohan Singh, National Center for Antarctic and Southern Ocean, India
  • Dr. José Retamales, Instituto Antártico Chileno, Chile

Plans for Special Issues in 2018 and beyond

The two Special Issues (“Response of polar organisms and natural environment to global changes”, “Advances in Chinese Arctic and Antarctic National Research Expeditions in the last three decades”) are to be published as 28(1) and 28(1), respectively, in 2017.

The Editorial Board Meeting of 2017 discussed potential special issues for 2018 and beyond. These were:

  • “Antarctic Geological Research Based on Chinese Survey Projects”. This was scheduled to be published in March 2018(Volume 29) and four Guest Editors were invited.
  • “Asian Forum on Polar science (AFoPS) 2017”. This meeting will be held in China in September and papers from the meeting will be solicited for APS. However, the papers from AFoPS 2017 will be on diverse topics, and so will form a thematic collection rather than a Special Issue. We will try to publish these in the first half of 2018 as 29(4). An Op-Ed article on AFoPS will also be sought.
  • Dr. Li Chaolun (AE) proposed a Special Issue on “Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean” and offered to serve as Lead Guest Editor. This special issue will be targeted for publication in 2019, after a 2018 seminar (mainly for Chinese scientists) to be held on this theme.

As the Chinese Society of Oceanography (CSO) has recently established a new sub-committee on Polar Science, CSO will soon become a sponsor of APS, which will attract more oceanography papers and possibly an additional expert Editor.

An informal meeting of Editors will be arranged during the Polar 2018 meeting (SCAR and IASC) to be held in Davos, Switzerland in June 2018. All editors will be invited to attend this informal meeting. All editors are also invited to visit the Editorial Office at the Polar Research Institute of China if they are visiting Shanghai.