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Inviting Contributions to a Special Issue on “Response of polar organisms and natural environment to global changes” in Advances in Polar Science
at : Oct 17, 2016 15:50:10  (view:962)

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you to submit manuscripts to a special issue of the journal Advances in Polar Science (APS) on “Response of polar organisms and natural environment to global changes”.


APS is an international, peer-reviewed and open-access journal jointly sponsored by the Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) and the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA). It is a quarterly journal published in March, June, September and December and circulated internationally (ISSN 1674-9928, CN 31-2050/P). Articles published in APS are free of charge with generous funding from PRIC. For more details, please see the attached introduction file or visit the APS’s websites: www.aps-polar.org .


We thank you in advance for your consideration to submit manuscripts to this special issue, and we encourage you to share this announcement broadly with interested colleagues. Any queries should be addressed to journal@pric.org.cn .


Special Issue on “Response of polar organisms and natural environment to global changes”

High altitude and high latitude regions on Earth are experiencing rapid changes in climate, with impacts on polar organisms and the environment. The persistent cold and sometimes inhospitable conditions create unique ecosystems and habitats for polar organisms. This thematic issue will focus on various polar organisms and natural environmental changes including the polar fauna and flora, polar microorganisms, the carbon and nitrogen cycles of the polar tundra, polar environmental change and contamination. In addition, there is an urgent need to identify sensitive indicators of ecosystem history, which may be sentinels for change or adaptation. For instance, plant quadrats are one platform to study the correlations of vegetation (e.g. hair grass, mosses, lichens), microbiology and environmental characteristics, and to monitor the influence of climate change on these organisms. This Special Issue seeks to bring together polar researchers studying different ecological systems and components of the food web, and to consider these sensitive natural environments in a changing global perspective. We welcome relevant contribution on this topic.

Submitted manuscripts, except for review papers, should be complete and adequately supported by original investigation; they should not be versions of communications submitted or published elsewhere. All manuscripts will undergo regular review by members of the Editorial Board and other appropriate experts.

For instructions on submitting a manuscript please see the Advances in Polar Science journal page.


The schedule for this special issue is:

• Paper submission deadline: 10 February 2017

• Final acceptance deadline: 30 April 2017

• Publication: June 2017


Guest Editors:

Prof. Chengsen Li, Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science

Prof. Qinghua Zhang, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Renbin Zhu, Institute of Polar Environment, University of Science and Technology of China


Assistant editors contact:  

Prof. Xiaoliang Ling | lingxiaoliang@pric.org.cn

Dr. Jing Huang | huangjing@pric.org.cn