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APS Board Annual Meeting Held on 16 June 2017
at : Jun 20, 2017 00:00:00  (view:2183)

On 16 June 2017, Advances in Polar Science(APS) Board Annual Meeting was held in Polar Research Institute of China. Editors-in-Chief, Huigen Yang, Ian Allison, Editors, Xiao Cheng, Chaolun Li, Yue Zhao, Beichen Zhang and the staff of Editorial Office(Xiaoliang Ling, Jing Huang, Weiquan Zhao, Xinke Cheng) attended this meeting.


Dr, Huigen Yang addressed a short welcome speech and introduced all attendants. Dr., Jing Huang presented the overview of current status, publication schedule and difficulties with APS. Following that, Ian Allison addressed two main issues: Proposed changes to editorial procedures and support, Plans for future development. The discussion on APS’s future development towards attracting more high quality submissions is very productive. Each Editor is recommended strongly to solicit at least one submission in their discipline over the next 2 years. Some potential future Special Issues are proposed for consideration: The Asian Forum for Polar Science—AFoPS and national program objectives and review, Australia-China bi-lateral collaboration in Antarctica—Outcome of the proposed 2017 Australia-China joint Antarctic science symposium, Data publishing and repositories, and Chinese-Russian Arctic Ocean research in 2017.