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Cruise of 32nd Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition: A Great Success
at : Mar 29, 2016 16:09:22  (view:1068)

In April 2016, the cruise of the 32nd Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition is completed. This is the second Antarctic Circumpolar cruise by Chinese R/V Xue Long icebreaker since its on her maiden voyage in 1994.

Besides, resupply to Antarctic Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Taishan Station, Kunlan Station, passengers exchange, this voyage completed lots of science surveys, some of which are initiated on this austral season.

This voyage lasted 3 months, departed on 9 November 2015, is expected to return to Shanghai on 10 March 2016. The survey areas focused on Ross Sea, Prydz Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, Dome A and Grove Mountain.

Fig 1. The roadmap of this voyage

Fig 2. A 3.82 meter rock core was collected in Amundson Sea on 31 January 2016

Fig 3. A CTD is put into the ocean on 29 December 2015

Fig 4. Plankton samples were collected by Biological net on 29 December 2015